Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mr. Ordinary

He calls himself  "Mr. Ordinary" but Steph Jones is far from quote on quote ordinary he is a model, independent singer, independent songwriter. It might sound typical but he is really attractive and talented and seems to have a laid back attitude about love and life. Born in Houston, Texas and raised in Missouri City and currently resides in the city of Angels aka Los Angeles, California his mother was DJ while his father was a drug dealer he is the younger brother of comedian De Ray Davis (Barbershop, Barbershop 2, and Wild N Out). Steph has been the face of Enyce clothing and is signed to Ford Models made cameos in videos for artist such as Bobby Valentino, Faith Evans, and Destiny's Child. He sang the hook on the 2007 hit song Celebrity Chick.

On the real this guy can blow I love his voice he can really sing he puts you in the mind of Maxwell and D Angelo sounds like big comparisons but it is the truth. Check out his mix tape Gravity (Lifetape) @ The latest topic that has been on his mind is issues with bigotry within the African-American community I appreciate the fact that he wants to advocate to put a stop this hot issue that is so often swept under the rug or turned into a subject matter of laughter. Watch Steph's videos on his YouTube channel Mo City Alien starting off with this one here is the link .com/watchI?v=mxECtIsg 5GQ. I will discuss this topic and gather opinions and other sources of insights stay tuned but I'm glad he mentioned it.

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